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-The Classic Cottage-

The Classic Cottage is cute, compact, and cozy.  It has all of the features of our other playhouses, just a little smaller.   It is still large enough for adults to stand tall inside.  Features include a Dutch door, real working window shutters, flower boxes, and a loft/shelf above the front porch. The cottage stands approximately 7’ tall and is 6’ wide by 6’ long. The roof provides a rain tight shelter so the cottage can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

The cottage is heavily constructed of solid wood and plywood. The floor, wall, and roof framing is 2x3 and 2x4 fir lumber. The walls are covered with heavy lap siding. The interior floor is 1x6 solid wood planks. The porch is 1x4 fir decking.

The Classic Cottage kit is delivered  stained and painted (interior and exterior). The walls are pre-built panels. The windows, doors, railings, and flower boxes are completely assembled. You just screw it together and finish the roof.  An optional assembled cedar shingle roof is also available.


Exterior Dimensions

6' wide by 6' long by 7' high (excluding roof overhang)

Interior Dimensions

6’ x 4’

Porch Dimensions

6' wide by 2' deep

Loft Dimensions

6' wide by 2' deep x 23" at peak

Dutch Door Dimensions

21” x 49”


6" heavy fir lap siding


1/2” CDX plywood to be covered by asphalt shingles, or optional Cedar shingles over roofing felt & 1/2” plywood

Interior Floor

1 x 6 solid wood boards

Porch Floor

1 x 4 fir deck boards

Wall, Floor, & Roof Framing

2x3 fir lumber (floors are 2x4)

Exterior and Interior finish

"Superdeck©" oil stain

Required Materials

Roofing material, patio blocks, pressure treated 4x4 skids


Pre-shingled cedar roof, interior Carpet

Assembly Time 3 to 8 hours

Shipping Weight




Detailed assembly instructions with full color photos are provided with each kit.  

With basic construction skills, the Classic Cottage can be assembled in a day.  All screws and hardware are included.

Set-up services are available on a limited basis.  Please contact us for details.

The playhouse is built upon two 4x4 pressure treated skids which rest on concrete patio blocks. These are not included in most kits because of shipping size and weight.  They are readily available at most home improvement stores for minimal cost.

The Classic Cottage includes the 1/2 plywood roof panels but not the roof shingles or tar paper (too heavy to ship).

The optional cedar roof includes the cedar singles already attached to the roof panels.

Tools required: Powered screwdriver/drill, Level, (2) C-clamps, measuring tape, drill bits, #2 phillips bit, #2 square drive bit, 5’ ladder.

Materials required: (2) 6’ 4x4 skids. Four concrete pads for base (2”x12”x12” or equivalent). 2 bundles asphalt roofing shingles, & tar paper.

Classic Cottage Kit (stained & painted-your choice of colors) $1895
Pre-Shingled Cedar Roof $325
Set-up including 4x4 pt skids and concrete blocks, asphalt roof shingles, tar paper, etc. (available in limited areas - call for details) $395
Shipping- contact us for price by zip code -

How To Order

To place an order, please call or e-mail us.  Please provide your zip code for a quote on shipping costs.  At order placement, a 50% deposit will be required.  The balance will be due before shipment.  We will accept a personal check, money order, or PayPal.